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Thursday, March 22, 2018        Coursewhere Tutorial
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Welcome to the
Mississippi Bend Area Education Agency
Professional Development Registration Site


Our sites are merging together in March! One log on, one transcript!

Registrations on our site will end March 22 and
begin on the new site April 3. You can still view courses until April 3
and view/save your MBAEA transcript for several months.
You will log in using your AEA Learning Online email/password.

For more info on the new AEA Learning Online system, up-to-date PD news, course updates, license information:

MBAEA PD Google Site

View courses by clicking on one of the sorting icons above
or click on a course title in the monthly listing below.

Please add your folder number, if you have one,
to your account.
This will help as we transition to one statewide registration and transcript system.
Find your folder number at: BoEE website

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Page Title

(Click on the course title for more info and to register.)

Substitute Authorization
Register today to start subbing in 6-8 weeks!
Those who have earned the Substitute Authorization license can sub at all levels PK-12.
Click HERE for more info about the license.
Click here to view dates for fall 2017 and register: Substitute Authorization Course
NEW!! Online self-paced Sub Authorization renewal course: Super Sub 101 on the AEA Learning System - log in there to see all the online options!!

Paraeducator courses
Click here for more information about the Paraeducator Certificate

Click on the course title to view information and register. 2017/2018 course dates have been scheduled - see links below:
Para Certification Course: Foundations starts 7/10/18
Para Certification Course: Instructional Supports starts 2/24/18 or 7/12/18
Para Certification Course: Behavioral Supports starts 3/3/18 or 7/24/18
Para School Library Media
Para Special Needs starts 6/26/18

Paraeducator License Renewal course suggestions - visit MBAEA PD google site

Administrator License Renewal
Assessing Academic Rigor: Evaluator III or Fierce Conversations
Administrators need Eval III or Fierce Conversations and two other credits to renew a Professional Admin License; you Do Not need this course if you have an Initial Admin License. You may also take iEvaluate (link below). Content is relevant even if you have taken Eval I & II.
Register at:
Assessing Academic Rigor: Evaluator III - cancelled 8/7/17, 8/8/17, 9/9/17, 10/10/17

See Statewide Eval III/Fierce Conversations course schedule
Fierce Conversations 1/20/18, 2/3/18, 3/3/18, 4/7/18

To earn the Evaluator license, register for iEvalute: AEA PD Online, search on the category Leadership.
For more information on converting or renewing your professional admin license, visit:
Evaluator Renewal information on the Staff Development homepage.

New Drake graduate Credit requirements started 7/1/15. Visit our Drake University page.


If you cannot find a course, click on the View by Alpha icon at the top of the page and look for the course by name.
New credit fees go into effect for courses starting after 1/1/17. Visit the MBAEA PD Google Site for more info!

Course/Workshop title Start Date Credit Type
AAC Core Word of the (2) Weeks CEUs
Partner Skills in AAC CEUs
SLP EET/SKIL Tools for Classroom Collaboration CEUs
SLP Perspective to Preschool Literacy and Language in an Integrative Setting CEUs
SLP Focus Area Training (PD meeting only) CEUs
MBAEA Only Trainings
Family Guided Routines-Based Interventions MBAEA Early ACCESS providers only 9/15/17 Relic
Functional Behavior Training AEA staff only 10/6/17 Relic
3 Hour Annual Inservice for School Bus Drivers various workshop
3 Hour Annual Inservice for School Bus Drivers various workshop
CPI Refresher Training various workshop
Exploring Robust Vocabulary Instruction 3/8/18 Relic
Google Forms for Special Education Data Collection 3/23/18 or 4/3/18 workshop
Kurzweil Product Demo 3/20/18 workshop
Teaching with Reflection to Incite Action 3/7/18 Relic
Texthelp Product Demo 3/6/18 workshop
Visual Phonics 3/10/18 Drake, Relic
Youth Mental Health First Aid Training 3/26/18 workshop
ACC - Creating an Environment for Language and Communication Learning 4/4/18 Relic
CPI Initial Training various workshop
CPI Refresher Training various workshop
Google Forms for Special Education Data Collection 4/3/18 workshop
Helping Your Kids Be All They Can Be! - Charlie Applestein 4/23/18 & 4/24/18 workshop
Make Yourself into a Maker - Makerspace: Builds 4-5 4/9/18 Relic
No Such Thing as a Bad Kid - Charlie Applestein 4/23/18 & 4/24/18 workshop
CPI Refresher Training various workshop
Ethical Conundrum of Interpreting for Clients with Language Delays 5/12/18 CEU
Youth Mental Health First Aid Training 5/7/18 workshop
3 Hour Annual Inservice for School Bus Drivers various workshop
Classroom Management and Teacher Effectiveness 6/25/18 2 Relic
Implementing the New Iowa Science Standards Year 3 Grades 6-12 6/7/18 Relic
Paraeducator AOC: Special Needs 6/26/18 Relic
Sign Language Interpreter Academy 2018 6/26/18 CEU
Substitute Authorization Course 6/4/18 Relic
Beginning Sign Language 7/9/18 Relic
Best Practices in Teaching Mathematics Pleasant Valley only 7/9/18 Drake, Relic
Creating a Calm Classroom 7/23/18 2 Relic credits
Dyeing and Printing with Found Materials 7/9/18 Relic
Handling Today´s Classroom 7/10/18 Relic
Paraeducator Certification Course: Foundations 7/10/18 Relic
Paraeducator Certification Course: Instructional Supports 7/12/18 Relic
Paraeducator Certification Course: Behavioral Supports 7/24/18 Relic
Summer Institute on the Project Approach 7/23/18 Relic
Teaching Students of Poverty - blended learning 7/9/18 Relic
Understanding Childhood Trauma 7/30/18 2 Relic credits
Unplugging Our Youth 7/17/18 2 Relic
Writing, Building, and Performing a Puppet Play 7/30/18 Relic
Substitute Authorization Course 8/10/18 Relic


1) Visit Course Credit & Registration Policies for more information about meeting course requirements and a form to register by mail.
2) Payment is due when you register. Pay by Credit Card (We do not accept Discover or eChecking), or Purchase Order. To pay by check, complete the paper registrant form at: Paper Registration Form.
3) Review the course syllabus before starting a course. Be familiar with course requirements regarding credit; participants are typically required to do all the work even if they are auditing a class.

4) Late registration fee: Registrations processed after the close date of a course will be charged a $10 late fee. Most courses close for registration two weeks prior to the start date. Do not wait to register late - we cancel courses/workshops that do not have enough participants!
5) Cancellation Fee: Registrants cancelling after the registration close date will be charged a $10 cancellation fee. NO refunds are given after the first day of a course.
6) Purchase Orders: send/fax/email to the Staff Development Dept. before the first day of class - fax is 563-344-2308.
7) Changes in credit type: must be requested AND paid for by the last day of a course; changes can be made by calling the Staff Development Dept. at 563-344-6481.
8) The MBAEA does not issue 1098-T forms because we do not offer courses for academic credit that lead to a degree. Visit IRS Website for more information.
For info on 1098T tax forms for Drake students, visit Drake Univ. SOE website, 1098T Tax forms


For more information, contact Betsy Justis at 1-563-344-6481, 1-800-947-2329 extension 6481, or email .

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