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Click here for instructions on completing evals, checking credits, and printing certificates.
Welcome to GFPS PIR eCentral
The online computer system for course registration, class information and more. You will use this website to
  • Enroll in and drop courses
  • Review your transcript for hours earned
  • Evaluate courses you´ve taken
  • Print and save your certificates
Important Information

Requirements: By state law, full-time teachers need to complete 18 hours of PIR credit, which include 6 hours for District-Directed events and 12 hours for the two paid MFPE days. Those not attending MFPE for 12 hours need to make up their hours through catalog offerings, institutes or special requests. Part-time teachers, those hired after the start of the school year and those retiring or resigning early must check with HR for their PIR obligation.

Awarding Credit: PIR eCentral is the official record of your PIR hours. Be sure to complete your evaluation and check your Transcript after each class is complete to ensure you have been awarded proper credit. Contact the instructor if you have questions. If credit is not reflected in PIR eCentral, you have not satisfied your requirement for the district and face having your paycheck docked in June.

Hours: Each class is two hours or more, according to the catalog description.

If, due to unforeseen circumstances (i.e family emergency), a teacher attends fewer than 6 hours of a PIR, s/he must sign up for a stand-alone 2 or 3 hour course either online or real-time to complete the 6 hour requirement.

No credit is awarded for less than two- hour increments. Check with the instructor to see if he/she allows partial attendance. Some classes are offered for pay or PIR credit. If taking a class for pay, no PIR credit is granted. You may not change this option at a later date so be sure to make note of your PIR obligation based upon your choices. Check your Transcript frequently to ensure you have enough PIR credits.

Documentation Forms/Evaluations: All courses require evaluation forms and some courses, such as conferences, require an electronic documentation form to be filed before credit is granted. Failure to complete evaluations and documentation forms will result in no credit being granted. Please note that falsification of the documentation form will lead to disciplinary action.

Time Frame: The PIR year begins on the first day of summer vacation and runs until the last school day in April. Pay will be docked, including benefits and retirement, if hours are not completed on time.

Certificates: Course participants must print out, fill in, and save their certificates in a safe place at the conclusion of each class. There is no guarantee that certificates will be stored in PIR eCentral the following year. This is the only proof you will be given of attendance. Lost certificates will not be replaced.

Click here for more information and FAQs about PIR

How to get help using this website
1. Click here to see FAQs about GFPS PIR.
2. If you don´t find the answer to your question in the FAQ, please contact the Curriculum Office (268-6020). Always check with the instructor of the course for questions on credit/hours earned.

How to enroll in a course
1. Assess your own professional development needs.
2. Identify opportunities within the course catalog that would enhance your professional development. To view courses by grade level, click on View by Interest. You may also view courses by category, alphabetical list or by the month using Calendar View.
3. Register online at least three weeks before the class is scheduled.
4. If you cannot attend a course for which you are registered, please drop the workshop ASAP to cancel your registration by clicking on Unregister/modify events. Teachers on the waiting list will be placed onto the roster once you drop the course.
How to evaluate a course you´ve taken
To evaluate courses you´ve taken, click the Evaluations link at the top of the page after logging in.
How to view your Transcript
At the log in screen, you will enter your ID# and password and instead of logging on, click on Transcript/Status. You will be prompted for a start and end date. Be sure to enter the correct dates for the current year if checking hours. A report of PIR hours earned for the time period will be displayed.

Click here to log on or retrieve your ID and password.


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