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AVM = A. Vito Martinez MS               BHS = Bolingbrook High School
BJW = Bernard J. Ward Elementary               BMS = Brooks Middle School
BSE = Beverly Skoff Elementary               HHH = Hubert H. Humphrey MS
IHK = Irene H. King Elementary               IND = Independence Elementary
JA = Jane Addams MS               JES = Jonas E. Salk Elementary
JJL = John J. Lukancic MS               JM = Jamie McGee Elementary
JRT = John R. Tibbott Elementary               KLH = Kenneth L. Hermansen Elementary
OV = Oak View Elementary               PES = Pioneer Elementary School
RCH = Robert C. Hill Elementary               RHS = Romeoville High School
STP = STEP Campus               WOV = Woodview Elementary
ECC = J. Mitchem Early Childhood Center               AC = Administrative Center
MAI = Maintenance      PRI = Print Shop      TRA = Transportation      DW = District Wide      

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