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IDEA-B Fiscal Training 2021-2022

Presenters from the Bureau of Special Education (BSE) will discuss details relative to the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) Fiscal Program. This required training for school district and charter school special education directors and business administrators will highlight the program data verifications associated with the IDEA-B fiscal reporting requirements. Topics for the session will include: Contingency Funds, IDEA-B guidelines, Significant Disproportionality, Comprehensive Coordinated Early Intervening Services (CCEIS), Act 16 data collection and reporting, and Approved Private School Electronic Management (APSEM).

To participate in this training, attendees will watch a pre-recorded webinar located on the Fiscal Training Google Site. There will be no live presentations. To receive act 48 credit, attendees must watch the entire recording and complete the session verification form by close of business on Friday, December 17th.

Access the training materials here 

Target Audience
School district and charter school Special Education Directors and Business Managers
Learner Outcomes
  • Review IDEA processes and procedures related to fiscal compliance
  • Explain sources of funding for special education programs
  • Update timelines for fiscal applications, reviews, and data collection
  • Discuss the data verifications associated with the reporting requirements
  • Navigate the online system for fiscal reporting

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