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Research and Best Practices in SLD: Facilitated Review and Discussion with Problem-Solving Teams
This session is designed to assist advanced tier problem-solving teams (Tier 3) with enhanced decision-making regarding student need and eligibility issues associated with specific learning disabilities. Teams will have the opportunity to review and discuss a culmination of 20 years of SLD research and best practices.
Target Audience
Tier 3 Problem-Solving Teams implementing a multi-tiered system of support and using the RTI approach to inform SLD Determination, including but not limited to: General and Special Education Administrators, School Psychologists, Reading Specialists/Advanced Tier Providers, Speech/Language Therapists, ESL Teachers, Special Education Teachers
Learner Outcomes

Attendees will be able to:

  • Describe the why behind the RTI approach
  • Identify best practices related to SLD Identification
  • Explain how their current practices align with existing research and best practices and steps that may result in closer alignment
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