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The IFSP: Developing Transition Plans
The purpose of this course is to provide specific guidance on how to build a strong foundation for families so that this is a positive experience for them and their child. The participant will learn about the importance of building relationships and identifying resources in the community that promote inclusion and networking. The activities and resources in this course will provide opportunities for the professional to gain a better understanding of the challenges families face and how to help them through. They will also have the knowledge of how to create an individualized transition plan for families.
Target Audience
Early Intervention Service Providers and staff, staff in early childhood programs.
Learner Outcomes

Participants will be able:

  • Assist families in accessing services that promote inclusion of the child and family into the community.
  • Provide support to families in accessing family support, family networking, and involvement within the Early Intervention system.
  • Describe how transitions impact families, children, and professionals.
  • Identify methods to facilitate a smooth service delivery transition for families, children, and professionals.
  • Develop an individualized transition plan for children moving from Infant/Toddler to Preschool Early Intervention or the community.

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