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The Growing Brain from Birth to 5 Years Old: Communication and Cognition
Communication skills begin to emerge in the earliest months of life but take years to fully develop. During this period, children often face challenges and frustrations in their attempt to have their needs, ideas, and questions understood. Likewise, cognition begins at birth. Babies come into the world with a natural drive to learn about how the world works. The role of caring, supportive adults is critical to healthy development in these areas. Participants will identify how communication and cognitive skills develop in the first 5 years, the brain’s role in the development of these skills, and how to support them. They will also examine the critical role that executive functioning plays in overall development.
Target Audience
This training is for early intervention staff, early childhood staff, providers, home visitors and parents.
Learner Outcomes

Participants will:

  • Identify strategies for supporting early communication skills.
  • Identify ways to support cognitive development in young children.
  • Discuss executive functioning and its critical role in cognitive development.
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