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Intro to Speech Language Evaluation with Students Who Are Culturally and Linguistically Diverse

Speech language evaluation of students who are culturally and linguistically diverse can be challenging for the school based speech language pathologist (SLP) causing both over and under diagnosis of speech language disabilities. This session focuses on basic building blocks of knowledge that a school based SLP should have in the assessment process for diverse populations. Participants will discuss second language acquisition, limitations regarding standardized tests with the second language learner, concrete way to form partnerships with our English language (EL) colleagues, easy to use dynamic assessment tools, provided resources for additional learning on the subject.


Target Audience

School-Based Speech Language Pathologists

Learner Outcomes

Participants will:

  1. State the 2 types of language acquisition for the second language learner.
  2. Identify the cultural and linguistic load of standardized assessments.
  3. State 5 resources for dynamic assessment and analysis of student data.
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