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How to PEER to another ISD in the Upper Peninsula:

Do not create an account on this CCISD site if you belong to another ISD. You will log in to your own ISD Wisdomwhere site and "Peer" to see events offered at the  CCISD. 

Click on EVENTS on the top menu bar. Click on SEARCH to see all events. A list of events will appear on your screen including Peer events.  If you are looking for a specific ISD's Peer events, select the "PEER" radio button under View By and choose the ISD you are interested in seeing.



For questions or issues, please contact

Kelly Kalcich

906-482-4250 ext. 180


Photographs and Videos:

At times the CCISD and REMC take photographs and video during workshops.  By registering, you agree that we may use any image of you that might appear in photographs or videos for advertising purposes.  If you would like to decline permission, please make your presenter aware of this on the day of the workshop.




Welcome to 

Copper Country ISD's 

Event Registration Site


The Copper Country ISD, along with the six other ISDs in the U.P. use Wisdomwhere for its professional development management system.

Wisdomwhere will allow us to manage registrations for traditional courses, on-line courses, conferences, teleconferences, webinars, outside events, meetings, unstructured events, customizable approval processes, pre- and post-activity assessments, and much more!

Besides streamlining the registration process, this system will also allow participants to log in and review their own transcripts, reprint certificates, etc. It should make for a better experience for all!


Professional Development Events

Although you can search through most events and look at their details without being logged in, to register for an event you must have an account on the system.  See upper right of window for "Logon" link if you already have an account on our system, or "Create Account" if you need to create an account.

Important note: Six U.P. ISDs are using Wisdomwhere for their event registration. If you reside or work in an area served by one of the ISDs listed below, please sign in at your home site and then search for our event from their site.

Link to peer ISD Wisdomwhere sites:


If you work in an area served by CCISD and are looking for an event offered by one of our peer ISDs, sign into this site firstclick on EVENTS, and then SEARCH.  A list of all events including peer events will be displayed.


Contact Us

Kelly Kalcich 
906-482-4250 ext. 180

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For more information please call  906-482-4250 ext. 180