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An Introduction to Restorative Practices

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    An Introduction to Restorative Practices

    What can you expect in this 3.5-hour virtual training? We will…

    ·         explore the philosophy and guiding principles of Restorative Practices.

    ·         compare restorative and traditional approaches to school discipline and examine how Restorative Practices align with the IDOE’s Social-Emotional Learning competencies and the Multi-Tiered System of Support.

    ·         learn how to implement the practices in a classroom and districtwide.

    ·         analyze local data to guide the implementation process.

    ·         participate in community circles and a reflection exercise that yield specific next steps for adapting policies and launching Restorative Practices.


    Learning Outcomes

    Participants will be able to…

    ·         describe the role of school-based Restorative Practices.

    ·         identify benefits of and next steps for implementing Restorative Practices.

    ·         use affective communication sentence frames and Restorative Questions.  

    ·         facilitate a classroom circle.

    ·         recommend restorative adaptations to districtwide discipline policies and procedures.


    Trainer Bios

    Tina Wooldridge is Social-Emotional Wellness Coordinator at Garrett-Keyser-Butler Community Schools and Program Manager for the School Care Team at MHANI. She is a regional trainer for Restorative Practices, Sources of Strength, Be Strong Families Parent Café, Youth Mental Health First Aid, Wellness Recovery Action Plan, and she holds a professional-level Child and Youth Care certification. Tina earned her undergraduate degree from Ball State University and her graduate degree from Spring Arbor University. She envisions restorative, responsive, relational school communities where students and staff belong and thrive.


    Target Audience
    Any educator wanting to learn more about Restorative Practices would benefit from this session.  Teachers, administrators, counselors and SEL coordinators are all welcome!

Event Session Information
*** This is an online session ***

Session Details

Days 1
Scheduled Date/Time
06/08/2021 12:00 PM-3:30 PM
Title June Online Session
Session Contact Cindy McKinney260.423.0030
Tina Wooldridge
Professional Growth Points /3.5 Hours

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