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VideoEdge & Victor Basic Installer

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    VideoEdge & Victor Basic Installer

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    The American Dynamics Basic Installer course aims to equip participants with the knowledge required to install, commission and troubleshoot VideoEdge Network Video Recorder (NVR) and victor Unified Video Management System (VMS).


    Participants will develop these skills through a series of interactive tasks consisting of text, tutorial videos and software simulations.

    This is an open session taught via an eLearning platform. Once you have registered for the class and payment has been received, you will then have two month to complete the training. This is at your own time, there is not a set schedule.

    The course is organized in a modular manner to provide a structured learning approach. Each module contains a number of lessons that will guide the user through each course topic.


    Course Objectives

    1. To provide a fundamental understanding of the topology of a VideoEdge and victor deployment.
    2. To enable participants to install a VideoEdge NVR.
    3. To enable participants to install a victor VMS.
    4. To provide participants with basic troubleshooting skills.
    5. To enable participants to successfully configure a video surveillance infrastructure.
    6. To provide a strong understanding of video-based networking concepts.
    7. To enable participants to utilize additional VideoEdge and victor Client interfaces.


          An understanding of Windows XP/7/10/2003/2008R2 Operating Systems and their file structures commensurate with accreditation standards.

          An understanding of Linux Operating Systems, their file structures and shell commands.

          An understanding of Windows Networking using TCP/IP, their terminology, parameters and connection implications.

          An understanding of basic CCTV and video concepts.

          A background in low voltage electronic devices.

          A+, N+ or similar certifications are highly recommended.

    Target Audience

    Intended Audience

    Field Installation and Service Engineers

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*** This is an online session ***
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Start Date 05/02/2022
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Title VideoEdge &Victor Basic Open Session- On Demand - JULY 2022
Session Open-ADVVE5001
Professional Training
Cost: $250.00
Payment Instructions

Payment and Additional information


Special Instructions



1.     Register on WisdomWhere Site 

2.     Input your payment type- Credit Card or PO that includes Course Name/Part Number (ADVVE5001),email address, full name  and the Cost of $250

3.     Register on  American Dynamics Support Portal

       Please be patient until your portal information is verified. Support Portal account within a few hours during the following times: 08:30 – 17:00 GMT.

 4.     To request enrolment for the Video & Victor Basic Installer course, candidates with POs must email requesting the course and attach their itemized PO. 

Technicians who work for a Dealer registered with Software House may pay with a Purchase Order from their company. End-Users must use Credit cards. 

No discounts will apply.

Important Information
Once the student has been verified, the student will be enrolled in the training class and receive a email containing instructions.

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