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C•CURE 9000 Enterprise Architecture

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    C•CURE 9000 Enterprise Architecture

    Product Description:

    The C•CURE 9000 Enterprise Architecture is a licensable option that allows you to configure multiple C•CURE 9000 servers to communicate with a Master Application Server. The Master Application Server (MAS) provides a platform for global management of the Personnel, Video, and access security objects on one or more Satellite Application Servers (SAS) in an enterprise.

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    Course Description / Topics:

    Upon successful completion the student will be capable of the following:
    • Describing the Theory of Operation of a MAS/SAS Enterprise
    • Preparing the MAS and SAS(s) for installation
    • Installing Windows 2014 R2 64 bit on the MAS system
    • Installing SQL Server 2014 R2 64 bit on the MAS system
    • Installing C•CURE 9000 on the MAS system
    • Installing C•CURE 9000 on the SAS(s) with SQL Server 2014 Express
    • Configuration and Operation of the MAS and SAS(s)
    • Describing Synchronization, including conflict resolution


    2 days


    The Enterprise Architecture - Applications Servers course is intended for technical partners who will design, install, configure and maintain an Enterprise Architecture (Applications Servers) on the end-user security system.

    The people attending this course would typically be supervising and supporting the personnel that attend the Installer/Maintainer course. This is not an End-User or Sales course.

    This course is a certification course.

    Certification Level:

    Enterprise Architecture – Level 3


    Successful completion of the C•CURE 9000 Advanced Integrator course.

    Microsoft Networking Essentials or equivalent. Installing of SQL 2014 and 2016.

    Attendees must be approved Software House Integrators.

    A certificate of completion is given to each participant.

Event Session Information
Days 2
Scheduled Date(s)/Time(s)
07/07/2022 8:30 AM-4:30 PM CST Web-Based
07/08/2022 8:30 AM-4:30 PM CST Web-Based
Title AC9444 - Enterprise Architecture-WEB-July-7-8-2022 - CST
Session July-7-8-22-Web
Session Contact Software House Training Team
Instructor(s) Jack Harper
Professional Training /16 Hours
Description: Proserv - PO 1384191
Cost: $1,620.00

Important Information

Web-Based CST

You will require the following to interact with the online Software PC or Laptop (>1.4Ghz) running Microsoft® Windows® 7 (or higher) A up-to-date Internet browser (IE, Edge, Chrome, Firefox, or Safari) Internet connection – minimum 1Mbps speed both upload and download Adobe® Flash® Player or Adobe Connect® Permissions if required to install above components when you connect initially Preferred 2 monitors capable of 1280X1024 pixel resolution *1 monitor can be used but constant window switching will be required*

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