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Tier 1 Classroom Social, Emotional, Behavioral Supports

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    Tier 1 Classroom Social, Emotional, Behavioral Supports

    This session focuses on evidence-based, positive, and proactive practices for educators supporting and responding to students’ social, emotional, and behavioral needs in the classroom. At the end of the learning series, participants will understand ways to set up the classroom environment and engage learners to maximize instruction.

    MTSS Essential Component(s) Addressed:

    Tiered Delivery System

    Stage of Implementation:


    Level of Educational Cascade:


    Note: This is a 4 Session Series. Session 1 has two options (1a or 1b). Please register for one Session 1 and Sessions 2-4. 

    Target Audience
    General Education Teachers
    Special Education Teachers
    School Psychologists
    School Social Workers
    School Administrators
    Behavior Coaches
    Learner Outcomes
    1. Understand the rationale for supporting Social, Emotional, and Behavioral needs in the classroom.
    2. Develop or refine classroom procedures and expectations.
    3. Use practices that support social-emotional competencies
    4. Use evidence-based engagement strategies that improve student outcomes.

Event Session Information
Days 1
Scheduled Date/Time
05/03/2023 4:00 PM-6:00 PM EST Via Zoom
Title Tier 1 Classroom Social, Emotional, Behavioral Supports- May 3
Session Contact Sarah Moss616-796-1485
Instructor(s) Beth Hill

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