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*Educators' Course in Academic Youth Development

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    *Educators' Course in Academic Youth Development

    An Educator’s Course in Academic Youth Development (E-AYD) introduces the latest developments in non-cognitive and social and emotional learning (SEL) research and equips participants to apply what they learn to classrooms and school systems. Designed for teaching faculty, counselors, and site and district leaders, the course provides research-to-practice skills to meet the increasing demands of next-generation college and career readiness standards. Together, over a day of facilitated experiences, E-AYD participants explore powerful research and strategies to build a rigorous, welcoming learning culture in their schools that increases the number and diversity of students who succeed. During this in-person session participants plan ways to incorporate new thinking and practices into their roles as
    educators. Included are:

    • Malleability of intelligence – Participants consider the research on malleability of intelligence and the benefits and potential pitfalls of its practical applications. They explore the changes that occur in the brain when we learn and how they can effectively, sustainably cultivate positive self-beliefs and learning mindsets among students.
    • Effective effort (grit) – Participants explore the role of effort, or productive persistence, in learning, as well as strategies to help students sustain effort in the face of struggle.
    • Self-management (self-efficacy and motivation) – Participants learn strategies to support students’ self-regulation as they work on challenging tasks and to help students manage the confusion and frustration that are to be expected during learning.
    • Culture of learning – Participants explore how a strong culture of learning reflects powerful classroom and school processes and structures, and supports effective habits of mind for students. They consider how they can incorporate characteristics of a strong learning culture into their daily practice and instill them in students, including communication and collaboration skills and shared accountability.
    Target Audience
    Curriculum Coordinators, Principals, District Leaders, Academic Coaches, Classroom Teachers

Event Session Information
Days 1
Scheduled Date/Time
11/30/2017 8:00 AM-3:30 PM
Title Educators' Course in Academic Youth Development
Session Contact Danielle Seabold269-250-9227
Instructor(s) Special Guest Presenter
Dr. Diane Owen-Rogers and Danielle Seabold
Registration Fees
Grant Funded
Cost: $20.00
Morning coffee, breakfast and lunch are provided.
Wesley Foundation 820 Rankin Ave, Kalamazoo, MI 49
Payment Instructions Due to grant funding, this workshop, normally $500 a person, is being offered at the extremely low rate of $20.00 for each participant.

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