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Integrating Language in Content eWorkshop

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    Integrating Language in Content eWorkshop

     This online eWorkshop will focus on addressing the following essential question: How can I provide multilingual learners the greatest opportunities to acquire both the knowledge and the language needed to be successful in my classroom?  Participants will explore six online units of content, post reflections and lesson ideas regarding the content, and reply to each other’s posts. 

    This eWorkshop is a requirement for teachers in the 2021-2023 CU Denver CLD Master’s Cohort, but open to all teachers. Teachers who are interested in future CLD Master’s programs through CU Denver can take advantage of this course now and apply it towards future credits in the program    .

    This course fulfills 15 hours towards the Culturally and Linguistically Diverse, CLD, teacher relicensure requirements for the Colorado Department of Education, AND IS NOW part of the SVVSD pathway for the district CLD certificate. Contact Oakley Schilling for more information.

    eWorkshop Guiding Questions: 

    • Unit 1: What are the opportunities and challenges of language in the content area?

    • Unit 2: How can we use ongoing assessment as a means to further student learning, while communicating strengths and next steps to important stake holders?

    • Unit 3: What are the specific opportunities and challenges presented within the content area? How can you recognize and monitor language growth throughout the content instruction? 

    • Unit 4: What does quality discourse look like during subject-area instruction? 

    • Unit 5: How do we hold and communicate high expectations for content area success?

    • Unit 6: How can I collaborate to improve teaching and learning?

    eWorkshops are inquiry oriented, multimedia, hybrid courses that are comprised of six units. Each unit is organized around an essential question and a guiding question and follows the same three-part learning cycle:

    • Explore: participants spend 45 minutes exploring new ideas, content, concepts or perspectives.

    • Make-It-Work:  participants select one of a minimum of two designed and completely supported options of how to make the new learning from Explore work in an actual classroom context.  Participants spend approximately 45 minutes selecting and preparing to implement the option of their choice. 

    • Share: participants share their learning either in an online space (a threaded discussion) or in a Face-to-Face session. Share usually takes 30-45 minutes of a participant’s time.

    Each unit takes approximately two hours. 

    Target Audience
    All teachers

Event Session Information
Days 2
Scheduled Date(s)/Time(s)
01/15/2024 12:00 AM-11:00 PM Start Date On-Line Course - No Meeting Location
04/07/2024 12:00 AM-11:00 PM End Date On-Line Course - No Meeting Location
Title Winter 2024
Instructor(s) Katelynn Ryan
1 Professional Development/Salary Credit /15 Hours
Cost: $15.00

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