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Get More Math Fall 2020 - Virtual

Get More Math is an effective tool that can be used in both the classroom as well as in a remote learning environment. As a new school year approaches and the "typical" classroom continues to change, GMM is offering several training options to address your needs. 

Beginner Sessions: 

This session is required for all first-time users. This training will explore the pedagogical differences between a classroom focused on frequent, individualized, cumulative review and a typical math classroom that primarily focuses on the constant progression of new content. We will walk through the basic steps of setting up GMM. Topics include creating classes, creating new students, finding existing students, creating work, navigating the skills bank and accessing reports. We review the best practices for successful GMM implementation. Teachers will see how to actively monitor student progress from within the teacher application.

Advanced Sessions: 

This training will primarily cover exams and data analysis reports. We will cover the “how-to” basics, but more importantly we will discuss the most appropriate and necessary actions as a result of student data. We will talk specifically about how to use our Exams in a Diagnostic fashion in order to identify learning gaps at the start of the year. We will also discuss best practices for working with exceptionally high or low ability students.

Remote Learning Environment Sessions: 

How do we use this tool effectively when our students are at home for some portion of the school year? That is the question we will answer during this training. We will review several different scenarios in which teachers are creatively using GMM both inside and outside of their typical classroom. We will review our best tips for making remote learning a success.

Administrator Sessions

This training will review the various administrator reports offered through our Get More Math administrator portal. These will include the summary, district, school, and teacher level reports. We will show administrators how this relates to the data reports exposed to the teachers. Most importantly, we will review and discuss what administrators should observe in an effective GMM classroom.


No Sessions available for registration.

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