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Administrators and teachers are enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the students and about Personalized Learning and its impact on instruction. The conference will customize the sessions and activities offered in order to fit participant's personal academic and leadership needs. This three day conference will be split into the 3 areas of the GCS Personalized Learning pyramid: Know the Learner, Guide with Standards, Flex the Environment. School leaders will discuss innovative ways to build the culture of Personalized Learning into the daily school culture. Lead teachers will interact in multiple  authentic teaching & learning opportunities and make connections between administration, colleagues, and most of all the students.


Target Audience
Participation is limited to middle school Principals, Assistant Principals, PACE Teams, and school selected lead-teachers. These individuals would choose the sessions they attend based on their personal interests and needs.

Participants that have had GCS-PACE: SUMMER 2014 TRAINING

Learner Outcomes

As a result of the course, the participants will:
1)  learn multiple ways to support the shift toward of Personalized Learning in their respective buildings;

2)  explore interactive strategies for increasing student-led classroom facilitation;

3) learn various methods of incorporating S.A.M.R into the daily school culture.

4) plan and share Personalized Learning trends that model effective instruction.

No Sessions available for registration.

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