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Berrien County Virtual Literacy Book Club (2023-2024) Make It Stick

The Berrien County Virtual Literacy Book Club is an opportunity to participate in a virtual book club facilitated by Berrien RESA Literacy Consultants.  The book will be provided to participants with the expectation of participating in 4 of the 5 sessions at a minimum and having their cameras on for the whole session..  If the expectation is not met participants will be charged the price of the book. Participants will have the opportunity to choose from two-time slots in either an afternoon or evening session.

Target Audience
Administration, Literacy Coaches, Reading Interventionists, Teachers
No Sessions available for registration.

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Participants with physical or dietary limitations or requirements

are asked to notify the workshop coordinators with any

specific need before the workshop/event so appropriate

accommodations can be made.

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