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Introduction to FBA's and PBSP's
This training offers staff the foundational skills in Applied Behavior Analysis and data collection necessary to conduct Functional Behavior Assessments(FBA). Staff will identify guidelines and demonstrate procedures for the FBA and Positive Behavior Support Plan (PBSP) as well as practice creating effective interventions that match the function of behaviors.
Target Audience
Special Education teachers, Administrators, School Psychologists, Social Workers, Behavior Specialists
Learner Outcomes
  • Define ABA and the principals of Behavior
  • Identify antecedent strategies to prevent behavior and establish pleasant learning environments
  • Operationally define behavior
  • Identify consequences that occur after problem behavior and categorize them into reinforcement and punishment
  • Demonstrate multiple means of collecting behavior data including: duration, frequency, latency, and counts.
  • Identify criteria for conducting a Functional Behavior Assessement
  • Identify the components of a Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) and what data supports each component 
  • Define functions of behaviors and compare them to antecedent events
  • Write hypothesis statements that include 3 essential components: antecedent event, description of problem behavior, and function of behavior
  • Identify the timelines for completing a Positive Behaivor Support Plan
  • Identify the components of a Positive Behavior Support Plan (PBSP)
  • Demonstrate the ability to design interventions that match a function of behavior
  • Decide when a crisis plan is justified and create a model that includes a sufficient task analysis
  • Create a plan for collecting fidelity data and providing staff support


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