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--Getting Back on Track Without Going Backward K-2
This session will focus on supporting teachers with filling the gaps from the end of the 2020 school year. The emphasis will be on how to blend concepts to avoid feeling the need to cover the previous grade level content at the beginning of the year. These K-2nd grade sessions will focus primarily on the broad concepts of addition and subtraction and how those concepts are connected across all three grade levels. Participants will also learn how to use formative assessment to identify individual gaps and accelerate the learning process. If possible, we recommend attending this session with a team of teachers from successive grade levels in order to analyze concepts across multiple grade levels.
Target Audience
K-2 teachers and administrators
Learner Outcomes
1. Analyze the learning progression of major concepts, such as addition and subtraction.
2. Understand how the concepts connect from Kindergarten to first grade, and first grade to second grade.
3. Learn how to use formative assessment to identify which concepts need to be taught whole group vs. small group.
4. Develop a ready-to-implement plan for addressing learning gaps.
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