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School Leadership Series Online-Livin' on a Plan

Join Dr Adam Drummond, author of The Instructional Change Agent, 48 Ways to Be the Leader Your School Needs.  Adam works around the country, responding to the sense of urgency focused on boosting student achievement and building collective teacher efficacy.  

The entire series will be held virtually!  Click HERE to view the schedule for the first topic.

What’s Culture Got to Do with It?

Late July  Culture. It’s a word that is thrown around A LOT in education. Leaders and teachers alike discuss if they have a good culture or a bad culture. But, what does culture mean anyway? Then, how do I work toward a different culture if the one I observe in my school isn’t quite the one I want? We will examine the various components that make up a school culture and leave with specific ways to impact the current culture while conducting long-term planning for the future culture you want for your school or district.

I Wanna Plan with Somebody

August  Evaluate, evaluate, evaluate. Here’s a secret: evaluations don’t change teacher behaviors and they certainly don’t change test scores. So, what do we do? We have to be in classrooms weekly and do short observations, long observations, and everything in between. The key to changing student outcomes resides in instructional planning. Let’s spend the time constructing a new way to examine instructional planning and how it builds to our long-term goals of boosting student achievement and building collective teacher efficacy.

Total Engagement of the Heart

September  You walk into a classroom to observe students in the learning process. Are they passively engaged? No, what about actively engage? Maybe they are just being compliant. Or is it something different? Welcome to yet another hot topic we try to dissect in student learning. How do we create high levels of learner engagement in our classrooms each day? It’s not rocket science, but yet we often miss the mark on learner engagement. When we aren’t careful, learner engagement is like making a pizza but forgetting the pizza dough. So, what’s the missing ingredient for successful learner engagement? Come find out!

Don’t Stop Believin’….in your Community!

October  The pendulum may hit you if you aren’t looking. It’s moving again. In the late 90s, it was ensuring that all students were college ready. Then, we started to see that thinking shift to a college & career ready philosophy. But, what’s the ultimate goal for our students? It’s for each student to leave high school on the path to a successful life that contributes to society. Come spend the day learning to create community partnerships for our students that position them not to be college ready or career ready, but LIFE ready.

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District and School Administrators and Leaders
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