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Tech for Middle School Intervention

Blended Learning for Math-You Can Do It!


Need more ways to individualize math instruction for your students? Need more time for you to meet with small groups or individual students in your math class? Need activities that engage and motivate your students as well as give instant feedback and collect good data? Come learn how I utilize some free and inexpensive online math tools to make blended learning truly work within my resource math class. We will explore Kahn Academy, Woot Math, Prodigy, and other tools if we have time.


Online Tools for Reading Intervention


Discover how to use some of my favorite FREE technology tools to help students build reading comprehension skills they need to make progress toward mastery of grade level standards. These tools make it easier for you to differentiate, know where students are succeeding and struggling, and help you free up time to meet with students individually or in small groups. You will also have good data to analyze to help you determine what to teach and show how students are progressing. Join me and learn how Actively Learn, Read Theory, and several other programs (if we have time) have helped my students make more progress than they ever thought possible.


About our Presenter:

Kara Guiff has over 25 years of teaching experience in special education and intervention for grades K-9 as a resource teacher, gen ed intervention teacher, and co-teacher. She is passionate about helping each student reach their potential by finding ways to engage them in active learning. Kara has extensive experience in teaching reading comprehension, close reading, written expression, math, organization, and productivity. She has embraced blended learning in her practice and uses tech effectively for formative assessment, instruction, and independent practice with students.

Target Audience
Special Education Teachers, Resource Teachers, Instructional Interventionists, Teaching Assistants
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