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Math Fact Fluency in k-2: Building Number Sense

Give your primary students a leg up for Math ILearn testing by teaching them strategies for addition and subtraction fact fluency. Research says that learning relationships among facts and using these reasoning strategies fosters number sense. Now available-- a program to help teachers teach that foundational addition and subtraction fluency standard. Spend the day learning time proven methods for moving students from counting to mental fluency--all in 20 minutes a day.  Ginnie and Ginger have designed a workshop to train and equip teachers to implement A Strategic Approach to Addition Fact Fluency and Subtraction-A Better Way of Thinking. 

PowerPoints-help the teacher lead students in the discovery of strategies with the concrete.

Songs-help reinforce the language of the strategies.

Games-give needed practice in strategic thinking

Worksheets-give daily written practice

Quick Guide for the teacher-provides a blueprint for planning.

Check out www.frameworks-mathfactfluency,com for samples of their materials. Participants will be provided with electronic versions of full curriculum at workshop.

 About our presenters:  Virginia Luce and Virginia Smith— “Ginnie & Ginger” met in their undergraduate days at Purdue University. Motivated to develop a means to help second graders learn basic facts Ginnie had written songs and created a way for students to use “place value” as a way to visualize the harder subtraction problems.  With Ginger’s encouragement Ginnie has expanded her materials to include not only a Subtraction Program but the Addition Program as well. Ginnie and Ginger have both presented their professional passions locally, regionally, and nationally. Their hope is that they can share what they have learned in their careers about learning basic facts and the impact it has on the development of number sense and problem solving.


Target Audience
Primary math teachers, coaches and adminstrators
No Sessions available for registration.

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