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Visitor Management Certification

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AC9201 CCURE 9000 Visitor Management Certification

Course# AC9201

Course Description: This is a certification course designed for installers, maintainers, system administrators and end users who use the CCURE 9000 Visitor Management feature, CCURE Web Portal and/or CCURE Visit (also called CCURE Kiosk).

The course covers critical aspects of installation, licensing, configuration and operation of CCURE 9000 Visitor Management, the CCURE Web Portal and CCURE Visit (Kiosk). Additionally, the CCURE 9000 Reception portal application   

CCURE 9000 Visitor Management Introduction, Visitor Management Required Software, Install Web Portal Software, Licensing, Web Portal
Installation, Web Portal Configuration, Web Portal Operations, Personnel Importing, Visit Site Creation, Host Creation, Email Configuration, Creating a Web Portal User

Logon Domain Account, Logging in with User Credentials, Customizing the Web Portal Logo, Visitor Management Operations, Utilize Bulk Add Visitors

Introduction and Overview of CCURE Kiosk, CCURE Kiosk installation on an Apple iPAD TM , CCURE Kiosk User Account Creation, Kiosk Object Programming,

Duration: 2 days

Audience: CCURE 9000 Certified Integrator personnel and end users, who are responsible for the installation, configuration, or maintenance of a CCURE 9000 system site.  

Certification Level:
Level 2 CCURE 9000 Visitor Management Certification.

Experience with Access Control and the Windows Operating Systems. Successful completion of the CCURE 9000 Installer/Maintainer Course (AC9001) or CCURE 9000 System Manager Course (AC9410)

Cancellations with less than three days’ notice will be assessed a 100% tuition penalty fee per student for factory and regional training and a 100% tuition penalty for on-site and custom courses.

Credit Card payment is non-refundable

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