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Level I Audit Training: Curriculum and Assessment, Design and Delivery

This 3-day intensive training, presented by the Curriculum Management Audit Centerâ„¢, serves as an essential introduction to the basic principles of curriculum design, assessment, and instructional alignment. It is the flagship training for educational leaders, including directors of curriculum and instruction, principals, and other leadership roles, offering a revolutionary perspective on curriculum management and its systemic components within educational institutions. Designed to prioritize student learning and improvement, this course provides the foundational knowledge required for engaging with curriculum auditing and the CMSi Curriculum Audit process. Participants will explore the role of policy, governance, and administration in student learning management, understand the importance of curriculum alignment, and discover strategies to enhance student achievement through effective curriculum design. This training is also the first step towards comprehending curriculum auditing, focusing on system-level changes for optimizing educational outcomes.

Fee: $1050.00 per participant 

Credit: 18 hrs (Act 48)

Lunch: Provided

Target Audience
This course is specifically designed for educational leaders such as directors of curriculum and instruction, principals, and other leaders committed to elevating student learning through strategic curriculum management and assessment practices.
Learner Outcomes
  • Understand Systemic Curriculum Management: Explore the foundational principles of curriculum design, assessment, and instructional alignment from a systemic perspective.
  • Prioritize Student Learning: Learn how to keep student learning and improvement at the center of district and school-level decision-making processes.
  • Achieve Curriculum Alignment: Understand the significance of curriculum alignment and the steps required to achieve it within educational settings.
  • Enhance Curriculum Quality: Identify the minimum components needed for a quality written curriculum and understand its critical role in student achievement.
  • Implement Effective Management Practices: Gain insights into effective management practices based on the five audit standards of control, direction, equity and connectivity, feedback, and productivity, aimed at improving teaching and learning.
  • Navigate Curriculum Auditing: Introduction to curriculum auditing and how it can be utilized to improve system functions and ensure higher student achievement.
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