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W6632 Conflict Resolution

HighScope Conflict Resolution is a six-step process used to help children resolve conflicts that may arise during their preschool daily routine.  Participants will be able to understand and practice the process with clarity: 

Step 1. Approach the situation calmly. o Observe the situation, approach the children with a calm voice, and sit with them on the floor. Stop any hurtful behavior if necessary. ?

Step 2. Acknowledge children’s feelings. o Describe the feeling you observe and the details of what you see. ?

Step 3. Gather information. o Ask open-ended questions, directing your questions to one child, then another. ?

Step 4. Restate the problem. o Based on what the children say, clarify the problem and check your statement with the children. ?

Step 5. Ask for ideas for solutions and choose one together. o Encourage children to talk to each other. Be prepared to give suggestions. When children arrive at a solution, restate it and check with them to make sure they are in agreement. ?

Step 6. Be prepared to give follow-up support. o Sometimes solutions need clarifying as the children begin to play again

Target Audience
GSRP Teaching Teams & Early Childhood Specialists
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