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W6629 MERT (Medical Emergency Response Team) Training

Are you prepared for a medical emergency in your school? The complex health needs of students in schools can lead to a medical emergency. Receive training to respond to school medical emergencies with highly efficient protocols and standardized Emergency Action steps for medical emergency response. School personnel will be empowered to respond effectively in emergencies that include Sudden Cardiac Arrest, Asthma, Anaphylaxis, and Bleeding. Emergency response plans will be created that reflect the most important local and national data, trends and requirements. 

The MERT process facilitates clear communication and problem-solving among staff before, during and after medical emergencies. Roles and responsibilities will be designated and hands on activities and follow-up drills will help the team learn and practice the essential elements of the actions necessary for the most effective response to medical emergencies in school. While individual school staff members are invited to attend, this training is most effective when attended by building teams. 

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School Medical Emergency Response Teams
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