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6292 ASD Behavior Workshop/Lab
In this ASD Behavior Workshop/Lab, teachers and support staff will work together to build stronger support systems for their actual students on the ASD spectrum Two day workshop – participants need to attend both days.  Some participants will have a school visit as follow-up. 


  • Participants will need to bring a detailed description of the students behavior (positive and negative) throughout the day, their FBA, school schedule, BIP, other behavior data, IEP, student profile and a sample of completed assignment.   Idea for teams but individuals may register and they will be placed on a team.

  • Individual data will be used to create and/or critique classroom management plans and specific behavior plans for the target student

  • In order to help with implementation and help others build skills participants must be willing to open up their classroom for an observational visit that may be recordedParticipants will identify instructional/behavioral areas of concern that they would like help improving or instructional/behavioral areas of pride that they wish to showcase.

Target Audience
Ideal for teams, but individuals may register and they will be placed on a team.
No Sessions available for registration.

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