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6220 GSRP Early Childhood Specialists Winter Meeting

As part of administering GSRP, the Intermediate School District (ISD) has designated an Early Childhood Contact (ECC) who will connect with the programs through the ECS to work toward an ISD-wide plan for continuous quality improvement.  That person is the ECS.  The ECC will collect data on the curricula, screening and child assessment tools used in the area. The ECC will be able to access, aggregate and analyze Online PQA information which can be used to support those serving in the ECS role across the ISD. This information along with PQA results will be used to inform the creation of an area-wide professional development plan.  As a person knowledgeable of the ECSQ-PK, GSRP requirements, the curriculum, ongoing assessment, and PQA results, the ECS advocates for the program when decisions are being made so all decision makers are aware of best practices for operating a high-quality program.  To ensure continuity across the county, the ECC meets with the ECS a minimum of three times a fiscal year.  The audience for this course is the Early Childhood Specialist for the Great Start Readiness Programs in Wayne County (Subrecipients of WRESA).

Math Training PD will be added to this session from Noon - 2pm with lunch provided.

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