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5990 Culturally Responsive Instruction

Participants will gain an in-depth understanding of culturally responsive instruction and how to implement it in the classroom. This workshop will examine tools that facilitate and support cultural competency at every level and learn equitable classroom practices to support higher achievement for ALL student groups.
•Examine the intersection of culture and race in instruction.
•Understand cultural competency and its importance for educators.
•Explore equitable classroom instructional practices.
•Examine critical literacy as an equalizer for classroom instruction.
Is your district or school challenged by how to fully support diverse student populations and subgroups? Culturally Responsive Instruction is an excellent tool to guide and promote an open dialogue and examination of the interconnectedness of teaching, learning, and culture. Participants will actively engage and learn the journey to cultural competency, experience rich resources diverse students bring to the classroom, and understand how culturally responsive instruction provides equity and opportunities for ALL students to achieve at high academic levels. Fee includes lunch and materials, two books, special guest speakers to share cultural resources. There will be two cohorts from which interested participants may register.
For additional information, contact: Virginia Winters, Equity, Culture, & Engagement Consultant 734-334-1582, email:






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