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A Brain Based Approach to Closing the Achievement Gap - Book Study

This course will focus on the goal of enhancing understanding of brain science in relation to traumatic events and anxiety.

Frustration over school’s inability to close the achievement gap has reached an all-time high. Examining neuroscience and the effects of trauma and anxiety on brain function provides a framework for understanding the achievement gap. New research indicates that persistent stress over time can lead to chemical imbalances and ultimately impairs the individual’s cognitive capacity.

Schools can promote healthier brain function by increasing protective factors. Such factors can assist in the restoration of chemical balances and improve brain function for all learners. Specifically, attendees will examine the following:

  • Explains how the brain processes anxiety and traumatic events
  • Provides common experiences and their effects on brain function
  • Examines the profile of a bully and the teacher’s ability to impact change in classroom climate
  • Examines the effects of language processing in times of stress
  • The role of teacher belief’s on student performances

Participants must bring their own book (BYOB): A Brain-Based Approach to Closing the Achievement GAP: by Horacio Sanchez


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