Wisdomwhere empowers you to take full control of each step of your professional development program from a single web-based application.

Wisdomwhere is Solutionwhere's highly flexible event registration and Professional Development (PD) Program Management System designed for educational organizations that offer events, conferences, seminars, workshops, or any training-related services.
In just two weeks you could get rid of paper, google forms and spreadsheets.
You’ll be able to curate and create custom criteria for registrations, accept online and offline payments, allow teachers to register themselves and instructors to manage their own courses while simplifying compliance and wait list management—all inside a user-friendly web-based platform.
Schedule a short online demo. Let us know which aspects of your professional development process you’d like to improve and we’ll show you the features of Wisdomwhere that will help you reach your goal.

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Wisdomwhere helps you easily create and manage PD programs based on content or job description (literacy, provisional status, support staff, math, elementary, etc). Further, those programs and component activities can be as structured or as free-form as an organization, department, or an individual educator requires.

Wisdomwhere is easy to use and has a nationwide track record of successful PD management. By consolidating information, structuring data collection, and streamlining the reporting process, Wisdomwhere can reclaim hundreds of hours of valuable administrative time, provide more timely and accurate services, and reduce PD management workload.

Wisdomwhere was designed to manage structured catalog-based PD events like classes, workshops, online events, and conferences and provide a basic approval process for events outside of the client's Wisdomwhere catalog.  It can help you create and manage full scope PD programs that not only incorporate your structured catalog events but also allow you to include unstructured activities like reading a book or classroom visits as needed.

Because your PD programs are based on activities and delivery strategies as defined by your organization, they're guaranteed to meet your administrative needs and your learning staffs' specific goals no matter what the individual or group may require.

A strong approval-request system can be implemented for specific parts of a PD program as needed. For instance, staff that wants to attend an outside event like a conference, or take a college course, or read a professional book would provide information regarding that activity in a custom form that is specific to the activity type. The form can then be routed for approval to one or more people based on the type of event, cost, job description, etc.

Ongoing oversight of core-based professional development is a key element of the staff assessment/training/feedback cycle. Wisdomwhere™ also monitors organization-defined milestones and sends alerts to supervisors and staff about overall program activity.

We've also included the ability to blend outside events or events and college or university work into PD programs. Each one of these capabilities can include an unlimited approval chain as appropriate.

Coupled all of this with the ability to handle instructors, locations, custom reporting, group registrations, certificates, transcripts, credit card, POs, resource management, data uploads to legacy systems, and much more -  and you have the most powerful PD management tool available.

Wisdomwhere provides the flexibility and sustainability an LEA or service agency needs in an affordable, easy-to-implement solution. Please call us for a live demonstration. 


  • Event Registration
  • Group and Team Registration
  • Class Size and Waitlist Management
  • Auto Attendance with Code
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Custom Reporting Tool
  • Printable Certificates
  • Attendance Sign-In Sheets
  • Post Event Evaluations
  • Name Badges
  • Mailing Labels
  • Customizable Branding
  • API for use with other software
  • Configurable Confirmation and Reminder Emails
  • Marketing Emails
  • Professional Development Management
  • External Event Approval/Verification
  • LDAP Single Sign-On
  • Central Authentication Service (CAS) Integration
  • Proxy Registration
  • Flexible Payment Options
  • Peer Registration with Wisdomwhere Partner Sites
  • Ad Hoc Approval Workflows