CCURE 9000  and Video Training Options

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In person training

If you are un-vaccinated you will be required to wear a mask in class for the class duration

If you are vaccinated  wearing a mask in class for the class duration is optional

We are unable to provide meals at present due to COVID restrictions at in person training classes

All your travel arrangements should be made after you receive final confirmation from our training department.

Any questions please contact us a or 561-912-6552

How to download a course Certificate

Payment Information

  • Technicians who work for a Dealer registered with Software House may pay with a Purchase Order or a Credit Card from their company. End-Users must use Credit cards

  • PO from Dealers should be itemized and send to us in PDF format. This should include Student Name, Course name and Email address.
  • We must receive pay within three business days of registration or you will be remove from the class.