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    REMC Courses

    REMC Courses provide an opportunity to enhance personal or professional learning by exploring technology tools and instructional practices. Optional SCECHs are available for each course. Participants may also pursue a REMC Microcredential for deeper learning through one of 7 pathways.

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Days 1
Scheduled Date/Time
03/04/2024 12:00 AM-12:02 AM Begin work anytime.
Title Engaging Students in a Personalized Classroom
Session 20200109
Session Contact Melissa White
Instructor(s) Melissa White
This class focuses on personalizing content delivery to support student achievement by giving students control over their own learning environment. Participants will learn about student voice and choice, using tools that customize student’s strengths and needs. The course offers fun and engaging interactive resources for educators to use with their students. Classroom structure and flexible seating options are also shared, these strategies impact student behavior and learning outcomes. 

Important Information

Each course is FREE, 3 weeks in length and requires 10 hours of time to complete. Work includes new learning and application in the classroom or teaching practices. Courses require at least 1 live interaction with the instructor. All courses are facilitated by Michigan educators. First time users of REMC Association's registration system will need to create an account.

An instructor welcome email is sent the Friday prior to the start date.

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