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Military Awareness & Preparation Resources Available through MeL

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    Military Awareness & Preparation Resources Available through MeL
    The Michigan eLibrary (MeL) levels the playing field for all educators and students in the state of Michigan, providing FREE content to support K-12 Curriculum, Essential Instructional Practices in Literacy, Information Literacy, and Career, College & Military Exploration and Preparation. For some districts accessing up-to-date content can be cost prohibitive. MeL alleviates some of that financial burden and provides accessibility options such as text-to-speech, translation, and images. The available resources through MeL can expose students to a wide range of current information about the military and the opportunity to take practice tests for the ASVAB and CFAT, as well as ACCUPLACER®, ACT®, ASSET®, PSAT/NMSQT®, and SAT®.

Event Session Information
Days 1
Scheduled Date/Time
03/08/2022 7:00 PM-8:00 PM Webinar
Title 6-12 Military Awareness & Preparation eResources in MeL
Session Contact Ann Kaskinen
Instructor(s) Ann Kaskinen

In this course participants will explore the eResources (databases) in the Michigan eLibrary available for secondary students that address all aspects of entering and participating in the United States military. While we will look at databases with eBooks and articles, the primary content will come from the LearningExpress Library. In this resource students can learn extensively about each branch of the military, take ASVAB & CFAT practice tests, and understand different occupations that can be pursued after time served in the military.

3 SCECHs available upon successful completion of:

  • 1 hours - participants will participate in a webinar covering the eResources available in MeL that can support 6-12 Military Awareness & Preparation on
    March 8, 2022 7:00-8:00pm (Webinar)
  •  1 hours - participants will participate in an online discussion
  • 1 hours - participants will apply what they have explored/learned by creating an activity that uses at least one of the eResources in MeL


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Participants are required to be registered and must login to the session within the first 5 minutes in order to be eligible for SCECHsme

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