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    REMC Courses provide an exploration of technology tools used within instructional practices to strengthen learning. Each REMC course provides educators with optional SCECHs; educators may also pursue multiple courses in a focused pathway towards earning a REMC Microcedential. These free courses are moderated by an instructor.

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Days 1
Scheduled Date/Time
11/07/2022 12:00 AM-12:02 AM Virtual/Online
Title Using Virtual Reality in Education
Session 20206958
Session Contact Sue Schwartz517-285-2151
Instructor(s) Beth Rayl
Syndee Malek
Virtual Reality (VR) brings learning to life! Using VR, students can explore natural habitats, experience a beating human heart, or visit other planets. Explore the what, why, and how of integrating VR into classroom instruction. Discover how VR is changing classrooms and engaging students. Learn how virtual reality can unlock potential, personalize learning, and allow students to become content producers rather than just content consumers. Create a VR experience to support teaching or professional development.

Important Information

This course is three (3) weeks in length and takes approximately 10 hours of time to complete. There are both asynchronous activities that can be done at your own pace such as readings, written reflection, and synchronous activities such as discussion boards, webinars that are time sensitive. 

A welcome email with login and other information is sent the Friday prior to the start date. Logging in and reviewing the course structure and calendar prior to the start date is recommended. Course work can begin anytime on the start date.

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