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PREPaRE Comprehensive School Safety Training WORKSHOP 1

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    PREPaRE Comprehensive School Safety Training WORKSHOP 1

    Participants will learn how to establish and sustain comprehensive school safety efforts that attend to both physical and psychological safety. The workshop addresses critical components needed to develop, exercise, and evaluate safety and crisis teams and plans and conduct building vulnerability assessments. The model also integrates school personnel and community provider roles in providing school-based crisis preparedness and response activities. Additional topics addressed also include media/social media, communication, reunification, students with special needs, culture, and memorials. After this workshop, participants will be better prepared to improve their school’s climate, student resilience, and crisis response capabilities of school personnel. With updated research and strategies, this workshop makes a clear connection between ongoing crisis prevention, mitigation, protection, response, and recovery.


    Target Audience

    Members of Safety & Crisis planning teams.

    Includes: Administration, teachers, counselors, ESD Ancillary Staff, School resource officers

    Learner Outcomes
    This workshop will help participants:
    1. Identify the mission phases of crisis management;
    2. Describe the critical importance of and components necessary for a balanced approach to comprehensive school safety and crisis preparedness;
    3. Identify how to evaluate and implement physical and psychological safety efforts;
    4. Identify the purpose, functions, and guiding principles of developing comprehensive safety and crisis teams and plans to include prevention, mitigation, protection, and response;
    5. Identify the critical components, including when developing specific functional and threat- or hazard-specific protocols;
    6. Identify the major functions of the Incident Command System (ICS);
    7. Articulate specific strategies to address challenges associated with media/social media, communication, reunification, and memorials;
    8. Describe how to meet diverse needs, including various cultures and students with disabilities; and identify strategies for examining effectiveness of crisis prevention and preparedness.

Event Session Information
Days 1
Scheduled Date/Time
11/29/2022 8:30 AM-4:00 PM COP ESD
Title PREPaRE Comprehensive School Safety Planning
Seats Remaining 12
Session Contact Hannah Barraw231-330-3282
Hannah Barraw, Melinda Gardiner
6.5 SCECH Pending Approval /6.5 Hours

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