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Immersive VR Beyond 360°- Beyond the Basics

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    Immersive VR Beyond 360°- Beyond the Basics

    This webinar series is a follow up to the REMC Directors and RITS workshop series, “Immersive VR Beyond 360°”, however it is open to all Michigan educators.

    The series will explore new educational apps including those from the App Lab such as fitness and calming/empathy apps.  Workshops offered in the series:

    • Immersive VR Foundations - for new Oculus Quest users or those that need a refresher with updated content on using it as a teaching tool (highly recommended for those that did not attend the original series)
    • New Education Apps - explore the best of the new educational apps for Oculus Quest
    • Multiplayer Apps - experience and explore multiplayer apps
    • Using 360° Videos & Tours - experience viewing and learning experiences to explore unique and inaccessible places
    • Create Tours in VR - learn to create your own virtual tours

    More detailed information can be found by reading the complete Event Session Information once selecting the specific session. 

    Workshop resources and a recording of each session will be available on the workshop website:  

    SCECHs will ONLY be available for attending the live workshop.  

Event Session Information
Days 1
Scheduled Date/Time
05/20/2022 9:00 AM-10:00 AM Webinar
Title Create Tours in VR
Seats Remaining 16
Session Contact Steve Kass(906) 482-4520 ext. 232
Instructor(s) Andy Mann
Description: SCECHs will only be available for synchronous attendance

Create virtual tours for the Oculus Quest.  Start with photos captured from your cell phone, a 360° camera, or captured from Google Maps Street Views. Create your tour with linked scenes, 360° backgrounds, still images and text. Leave with the skills to help students create virtual tours using the Oculus Quest.

Special Instructions

Create Tours in VR

  • Driftspace

  • Zoe

  •  Others - 360 Schools, Roundme, Thinglink

The sessions in the Immersive VR Beyond 360°- Beyond the Basics workshop series will only be offered for SCECHs during the posted dates and times. This is a LIVE event. 


Important Information


  • Have an Oculus Quest or Oculus Quest 2 (Meta Quest)

  • Have an Oculus account in order to purchase apps

  • Have a budget to purchase ~$200 worth of educational apps

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