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REMC Esports Academy

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    REMC Esports Academy

    The REMC Esports Academy is designed to provide training and support for schools interested in starting a scholastic esports team. The goal is to train individuals on how to start and support an esports program as well as provide an opportunity for newly created school esports teams to gain experience by participating in an organized esports tournament. The REMC Esports Academy will provide an entry point for schools wanting to explore the benefits of participating in scholastic esports.

    This is a 2 day event.  Choose from the in-person or virtual option.

    10 SCECH credits available for successful completion of both days.

Event Session Information
Days 2
Scheduled Date(s)/Time(s)
02/08/2022 8:30 AM-3:00 PM Webinar
04/26/2022 8:30 AM-3:00 PM Webinar
Title Esports Academy
Session 20219994
Seats Remaining 0
Session Contact Kevin Clark269-815-1524
Instructor(s) Kevin T. Brown
 Day 1: Intro to Scholastic Esports - What is esports and how can it be used to engage students in the school community? Club Activation Mechanics - Starting a club in your school, marketing, parent information, team affiliation and registration. Steps to Successful Club Start-up Club Structure, Club Charter & Governance - Providing roles for a variety of student strengths and interests
**Lunch Break**
Club Culture and Activities that Promote It - Esports as a team activity, engaging parents and the school community. Getting Ready for Competition - Structuring practice, coaching tips, managing student players
Day 2:General Manager Teach-back / Club Format Review. General Manager Presentations - Updates and feedback from participating schools. Best Practices - How to make the most of student participation going forward, structuring summer engagement/practice
**Lunch Break**
Best Practices Continued - How to make the most of student participation going forward, structuring summer engagement/practice. NASEF Closing Presentation

Important Information
Participants must login to the session within the first 5 minutes in order to be eligible for SCECHs. 10 SCECH's available for attendance and successful completion.

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