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Incorporating Computer Science Standards Into Your Thinking & Practices

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    Incorporating Computer Science Standards Into Your Thinking & Practices

    These foundational level webinars will show you how to use what you already know and teach throughout all content areas while incorporating computer science concepts. Broaden your scope of vocabulary and tasks in your everyday classroom to prepare students for college or career readiness.

    SCECHs: 3 SCECHs are available for each session at no cost.

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Days 1
Scheduled Date/Time
12/02/2021 4:00 PM-5:00 PM Participants are required to be registered and must login to the session within the first 5 minutes in order to be eligible for SCECHs Webinar
Title Living Large in a Digital World (Grades 6-8)
Session 20216965
Session Contact Melinda Waffle269-425-5841
Instructor(s) Debra Roethke
Description: This work includes participating in a 1 hour webinar covering the topic and 2 hours completing a job-embedded task

Even very young children may be interacting with others through the Internet. This can occur when they Facetime or Zoom with Grandma and Grandpa, when they play games on Mom’s or Dad’s phone, or when they queue up their favorite video on YouTube Kids. In this webinar, you’ll review protocols and procedures you can implement with your students to interact safely when they are online. You will learn tricks for helping learners create safe passwords they can remember and why that’s important for living in a digital world. Strategies students can use for working together online (and sometimes offline) will also be presented.


Special Instructions By the time students enter middle school, technology and personal devices are an integral part of most students’ daily lives. They are oblivious to the fact that anything they do online could have far-reaching consequences. Understanding what private information is and why it should not be shared is a key element to keeping our students safe.  As students begin to have multiple passwords for their learning options, they need to understand not only how to create a safe password but ways to manage passwords and keep them private. This is a great time to develop strong collaborative skills and  plan activities and lessons for student collaboration. Learning to collaborate will help students work together appropriately and prevent cyberbullying.  This webinar will provide strategies and materials to help students stay safe online and collaborate in a blended learning environment.  Tools, strategies, and lesson ideas will be provided for grades 6-8 that build on their stronger technology skills and allow them to problem solve and discover safely on their own.  

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