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Incorporating Computer Science Standards Into Your Thinking & Practices

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    Incorporating Computer Science Standards Into Your Thinking & Practices

    These foundational level webinars will show you how to use what you already know and teach throughout all content areas while incorporating computer science concepts. Broaden your scope of vocabulary and tasks in your everyday classroom to prepare students for college or career readiness.

    SCECHs: 3 SCECHs are available for each session at no cost.

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Days 1
Scheduled Date/Time
12/01/2021 5:00 PM-6:00 PM Participants are required to be registered and must login to the session within the first 5 minutes in order to be eligible for SCECHs Webinar
Title A Thousand Words is Just the Beginning for Upper Elementary Learners (Grades 3-5)
Session 20216963
Session Contact Melinda Waffle269-425-5841
Instructor(s) John Ross
Description: This work includes participating in a 1 hour webinar covering the topic and 2 hours completing a job-embedded task

While pictures can convey many different meanings, we now have a lot of different visual tools at our fingertips that we can use to collect and share information. There are many different ways students of all ages and their teachers can represent information, or data, visually that can help us support decisions, generate new ideas, and make predictions. This webinar will build on the use of visualization tools students may be familiar with, like charts and graphs, and include other digital tools that can be used to collect and share data, like word clouds, mind maps, infographics, interactive displays, and more. 


Special Instructions As students matriculate through elementary school, they can take more control of how they collect and present data. Many elementary students will come across data charts and other visualizations in and out of school, and will be able to understand more abstract representations. Join this webinar for ideas on how to help students better understand data visualizations and some simple tools they can use to create them to respond to questions they are interested in.

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