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DrumFIT PD for Cleveland County Schools

Part I (am)

DrumFIT® Cognitive, Cardiovascular & Community Building Activities

These are designed for physical educators to walk away with ready to implement ideas for warm-up, full cardio and cool down activities to meet the needs of all students’ learning and fulfill curriculum expectations. Visible thinking routines enhance reflection and the sharing process by loosely guiding the thought processes and encouraging active processing.


Part 2: (pm)

Achieving the Social and Emotional Learning Competencies with DrumFIT: Redirecting and Verbalizing SEL Opportunities

These Interactive drumming and rhythm activities activate behaviors that are core to social, emotional development. To hear the beat of a rhythm, it takes active listening and to keep the rhythm steady and stable, it requires a commitment to the group. The basic lessons of listening and creating a beat together are the foundations for social, emotional learning. Students activate their internal locus of control and engage fully; they practice pro-social behavior in a way that is natural, playful and fun for everyone. Drumming is a beautiful way to connect people and transcend differences. While it encourages self-expression in the participant, it also promotes cohesiveness as a group as there is teamwork involved in the performance. The abilities to work cooperatively with, as well as, provide and receive help from others are essential competencies in social maturity. Having students work in cooperative team games further enhances these competencies.

Target Audience

Physical Education Teachers

Music Teachers

Learner Outcomes

Part 1:

During the cardio drumming session, teachers will experience best practices for creating lessons using the DrumFIT video platform, organization of equipment and students to maximize student- learning time, increase SEL benefits and access the online curriculum platform.

Program Objectives:

1. Describe and demonstrate the outcomes and benefits of a cardio-drumming physical curriculum for students.

2. Develop and share ideas and resources to accommodate the needs of all students using the web-based online curriculum platform.

3. Plan and design to extend DrumFIT physical fitness routines and activities to support classroom learning.

4. Identify state learning outcomes accompanying a sample cardio drumming session. 

Part 2:

Teachers  will dive in hands-on to explore curriculum, games and collaborative team activities that reinforce these concepts.  

Program Objectives:

1. Explore how cardio-drumming aligns with CASEL’s five primary SEL skills.

2. Discover games and activities that have the highest impact on SEL skill development.

3. Learn how to effectively highlight these concepts in your classroom to improve learning and meets social and emotional needs. III. 

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