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The Standards of Effective Pedagogy: Standards 5 and 6 (Grades K-12)
Target Group: Licensed SVVSD Teachers

Instructor: Ruth Hanna or Oakley Schilling

This online eWorkshop will focus on standards 5 & 6 of the CREDE (Center for Research on Education, Diversity & Excellence) Standards of Effective Pedagogy. Participants will explore how the CREDE standards for Instructional Conversations and Critical Stance improve instruction for multilingual learners. This course fulfills 15 hours towards the Culturally and Linguistically Diverse teacher relicensure requirements for the Colorado Department of Education.

Participants should take only ONE workshop per semester during the academic year. These eWorkshops can be taken in any order. You do NOT need to complete standards 1&2 before 3&4, etc.

Guiding Questions:
  • Unit 1: How does leading instructional conversations that include significant time for student talk benefit students, especially multilingual students?
  • Unit 2: How do multilingual students benefit from Instructional Conversations?
  • Unit 3: What does Critical Stance look like in the elementary or secondary classroom?
  • Unit 4: How do multilingual students benefit from taking a critical stance in content areas?
  • Unit 5: How do all six CREDE standards fit together?
  • Unit 6: Answer the Essential Question.
eWorkshops are inquiry oriented, multimedia courses that are comprised of six units. Each unit is organized around an essential question and a guiding question and follows the same three-part learning cycle:
  • Explore: participants spend 45 minutes exploring new ideas, content, concepts or perspectives.
  • Make-It-Work: participants select one of a minimum of two designed and completely supported options of how to make the new learning from Explore work in an actual classroom context. Participants spend approximately 45 minutes selecting and preparing to implement the option of their choice.
  • Share: participants share their learning in an online space (a threaded discussion). Share usually takes 30-45 minutes of a participant’s time.



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