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Spring Cleaning for Google Drive and Email

A course through Google Classroom.

Are you overwhelmed when searching for specific files in your Drive?
Wishing the items you need most would be easier to find?
Hoping for a "clean" looking Drive that's easy to navigate?
Want help deciding what to keep and what to get rid of?
Email Inbox cause you anxiety?
Answer yes to any of these? Then this course is for you!

Each asynchronous unit consists of 15-30 minutes of video training with follow up tasks to get you organized!  Time to complete the tasks will depend on the state of your Drive and Gmail.


Unit 1:  "Junk Drawer" Clean Out
-removing unneeded files quickly

Unit 2: Surface Clean
-thoughtfully create folders and sort files

Unit 3: Deep Clean
-renaming, subfolders, # & Emojis

Unit 4: Polish and Shine
-colors, stars, settings, etc.

Unit 5: If You Have Time Tasks
-shared w/me, quick access files, etc.


Unit 6: Surface Clean
-unsubscribe (all at once), view, tabs, etc.

Unit 7: Deep Clean
- Label and Sort

Unit 8: If You Have the Time Tasks
-undo send, nudges, importance, smart reply,etc.


Facilitated by Kara Guiff, Special Educator and Blended Learning Teacher.  Learn more about Kara at  

Target Audience
All educators with full g-mail boxes!

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