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Self Regulation: You Can Get Them There!

An online course through Google Classroom.

There will be about 1 hour's worth of work each week.

Anxiety, lack of confidence, ADHD,and frustration are four common
sources that can trigger a student to become unregulated. Self-regulation
is a critical skill for young people to master, but teaching it can seem
overwhelming. Join this course to learn tried and true strategies that
help students learn to regulate their emotions and behaviors. Just like
teaching anything, teaching self regulation skills requires explicit
instruction, scaffolding, and several methods to choose from. Free and
low-cost ways to build a bank of activities for students will be shared.

Module 1: The Language and Understanding They Need 
Module 2: Upstairs/Downstairs Brain, Amygdala Hijack
Module 3: Routines to Help
Module 4: Tools to Maintain Regulation
Module 5: Tools to Regain Regulation
Module 6: More Tools and the Importance of Co-Regulation


Facilitated by Kara Guiff, Special Educator and Blended Learning Teacher.  Learn more about Kara at  

Target Audience
Any teachers at any grade levels!

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Registration starts on 5/19/2020 at 6:00:00 AM
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Summer 2021 Online Class

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