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Strategic Wellness for Today's Students and Educators: Social Emotional Supports in Three Acts

Each year as district and state mandates change, teachers find ways to teach with purpose while balancing new initiatives.  These realities have proven increased levels of toxic stress for teachers and students, making the job of a teacher incredibly difficult.  What if there were a few practices that teachers could implement that could make this job easier?



Social Emotional Learning begins in the classroom  with adults who know howto refuel and recharge.  We can't give what we don't have. Vibrancy and sustainability require a new look at rest -- and rhythms  that restore. To run hard we must rest well –guilt-free. 


Teachers can change the atmosphere of their classrooms with morning meetings, restorative practices, and easy to use mindfulness techniques. Equip students to self-regulate while reigniting your own passion for teaching. Minutes make a difference.


Learn more about Adverse Childhood Experiences and how they influence the development of children.  This interactive session will outline the neuroscience of trauma, its’ influence on learning and behavior and how to implement trauma-informed classroom interventions.

Target Audience
Classroom teachers, Counselors, Social Workers
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