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Leading With A Formative Mindset: Focusing on Adult Clarity

This interactive and engaging leadership focused 1-day workshop will support leaders at all levels in deepening their understanding of how to embed adult clarity as the plan for any development and support provided to teachers in meeting targeted objectives. Participants will develop a deep understanding of the importance of developing targets, success criteria, and learning progressions for their teachers when planning for and executing professional learning initiatives. These will then help drive decisive actions around  professional development to greatly impact student learning.

Participants will be provided with quality examples within the Developing a Formative Mindset® framework that offers an entry point into using the strategies learned in the session. Leaders will leave with the necessary tools and planning elements to ensure that adult clarity is at the forefront of supporting teacher development.

Objectives: Participants will…

   Learn how to use teacher clarity to support adult learning in meeting targeted objective

   Understand how to utilize a framework that ensures adult clarity is present in development, implementation and monitoring of targeted objectives

   Develop an action for planning and executing professional development / learning in their school or district with a clear focus for adult learners


About Our Presenter

Dave is the founder and owner of NZJ Learning (INC), but he is also an author/consultant for Corwin Professional Learning, and therefore has been certified by some of the most influential thought leaders from around the world, including Professor John Hattie (Visible Learning), Larry Ainsworth (Common Formative Assessments 2.0), and Russ Quaglia (Student Voice and Aspirations).  Dave's most recent book is Effective Grading Practice for Secondary Teachers.  To learn more about Dave, check out his website 


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