Wisdomwhere Updates for November 2020

Wisdomwhere Updates

Wisdomwhere updates for November 2020

This release includes a few improvements and bug fixes.


Peer Registration

Registrants no longer have to go to their home site to log in before registering for a session.

Ad Hoc Approvals

  • Approvers can now add notes to requests that are only viewable by approvers, not the registrant.
  • Approval steps can be deactivated in a workflow.

Online Sessions

If a session has a specific start date, but there is no specific start and end time, enter 12:00 AM for both. The times will then be hidden on the public side.


You can choose to make certificates available to the admin only. Contact us if you would like to enable this feature.

Attendance Sheet

You can modify your attendance sheets to exclude the cost column in the session details section.

You can add Regions and Position Descriptions to the Attendance Sheets. They may be named differently, depending on your settings.

Registrant Interests

  • You can deactivate a registrant interest.

Admin Credit Card Payments

  • The credit card response message is now displayed at the top and bottom of the page, so you can see the results without scrolling.
  • The declined credit card message has been improved.


You can mark a location as "Online" which will disable the requirements for an address, city, and zip code.


  • Registrants could complete an evaluation with a required attendance code without entering for online sessions with no days.
  • Registrants were able to register for canceled sessions.
  • The registrant grade (score for the session, not the grade taught) has been restored to the Custom Reports.
  • Users that are listed as the instructors for sessions can no longer be deleted.
  • The instructor and location are now displayed to the public for online sessions. The address for a location is not displayed for online sessions.
  • Inserting a link to an Event or Session in a Registrant Broadcast added an invalid token to the URL.
  • Ad Hoc Approval records were not all being displayed.
  • There was an error running the Ad Hoc Approval Workflow Report when the form contained duplicate fields.
  • Evaluation reminder emails were sent the morning of the training instead of the morning after.

The Event Status Report didn't include the instructor's name in the CSV export when grouped by instructors.

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