Wisdomwhere updates for March 2019


This release includes new features, a few improvements and bug fixes.

New Features

  • Position Based Approvals
  • Event Page Redesign


  • Added date updated to the Registrant Profiles list.
  • Stopped sending the footer email a notice when a reminder to an instructor failed.
  • Changed the Instructor attendance reminder email subject to "Wisdomwhere Session Attendance Reminder for [CourseName]”
  • Added the work phone number to the privacy report.


  • The checkbox for “Include in privacy report” was disabled if anyone had chosen that option for the privacy form field.
  • If group restrictions were in place and a registrant was a member of more than one group, they saw no event search results.
  • The new conference page had formatting problems in Firefox.
  • [WaitlistDetails] were not being included in the confirmation message to registrants.
  • There as an error on the incomplete list of sessions if hours were not included for the site.
  • The Registrant CreatedBy & UpdatedBy were not being filled in when a registrant created their account.
  • Registrants were allowed to change their email address when Registrant Refresh was on but editing email addresses prohibited.
  • Admin registrations were placed on a waitlist if the session was full and waitlist was not enabled.
  • The Google calendar icon was not creating an ICS file for import into the Google calendar.

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