Wisdomwhere Updates for January 10, 2019


  • Added a total of registrants marked attended on the top of the attendance page.
  • Display a total of units and hours on the transcript. This is an optional feature. Contact support to turn it on. Displaying this entire section is also optional, so you may have opted to not display a transcript total section at all.
  • Added the ability to search by a range of dates on the external event validation page. External events allow registrants to add events that are not tracked in Wisdomwhere.
  • Made buttons on the public side more visible on the login, session, conference and registration pages.
  • Made the dropdowns wider and removed repetitive words on Custom Reports.


  • Could not remove the password from a previously created team.
  • Group registration was using email preferences to hide registrants that had “Do Not Email” checked.
  • Evaluation links in an email didn’t always redirect the registrant to the evaluation they needed to complete.
  • An intermittent error on the attendance page stating that the log file was locked.
  • An intermittent error searching for sessions that had no dates.

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